2nd Annual M-BoCA Symposium



When: Friday, September 21, 2018

Where: Frankel Cardiovascular Center, Danto Auditorium (Maps attached)



9:00 AM                Breakfast + Poster Session
9:30 AM                Opening Remarks 
9:45 AM                Sascha Goonewardena, MD – “Heart Failure: The Intersection of Cardiac Aging, Purinergic                                       Signaling, and Innate Immunity”
10:20 AM              Durga Singer, MD, MA – “Sex Differences in Metabolic Inflammation”
10:55 AM              Break
11:05 AM              Adam Stein, MD – “Sirtuins in Heart Failure”
11:40 AM              Scott Hummel, MD, MS – “Geriatric Domains in Heart Failure: What if the Failure's Not All                                      in the Heart?”
12:15 PM               Lunch + Poster Session
12:45 PM               (Keynote) Kelvin Davies, PhD – “Adaptive Homeostasis & Cardiovascular Aging”
1:45 PM                 Closing Remarks