1st Annual M-BoCA Symposium


Monday, June 12, 2017


8:00 AM                Breakfast + Poster Session
8:30 AM                Opening Remarks 
9:00 AM                David Lombard, MD, PhD – “Novel Functions for Sirtuins in Aging and Cancer”
9:35 AM                Break + Poster Session
9:45 AM                Sharlene Day, MD – “The Intersection of Cardiac Aging and Disease”
10:30 AM              Carey Lumeng, MD, PhD – “Metabolic Inflammation in Adipose Tissue”
11:05 AM              Break + Poster Session
11:15 AM              Richard Mortensen, MD, PhD – “Immune Cell Phenotype Affecting Cardiovascular Disease”
Noon                        Lunch + Poster Session
1:00 PM                 (Keynote) James Kirkland, MD, PhD – “Senescence, Senolytics, and Cardiovascular                                                    Function: A Potential New Treatment Paradigm”
2:00 PM                 Closing Remarks