Michigan Biology of Cardiovascular Aging (M-BoCA) is a multidisciplinary science program focused on aging and cardiovascular disease that enhances collaborative research knowledge between established investigators, team members, and others whose work and interests closely relate. Educating and training junior faculty and future leaders to run cutting-edge research is at the heart of M-BoCA.

Program News

Dr. Justus Anumonwo, PhD, from Cardiovascular Medicine will present "The MAGUK Protein, Sap97: Synchronizing ‘Pacemaker Clocks’ of the Sino Atrial Node" on Tuesday, February 5th from Noon-1PM in the Cardiovascular Center Boardroom (#5321, 5th Floor). Lecture will be streamed live on BlueJeans via this link. Lunch served on a first-come-first-served basis.

On Thursday, January 17th from Noon-1pm in CVC #5321 (5th Floor Boardroom), Y. Eugene Chen, MD, PhD, from Cardiovascular Medicine, will present “Nitration of unsaturated fatty acids: from bench to bedside.” Lecture will be streamed live at this link. Dr. Chen is the Frederick Huetwell Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Professor of Cardiac Surgery, Physiology and Pharmacology as well as the Vice-Chair for Basic and Translational Research. Food will be provided to the first 40 participants.